These are small detail ideas I wrote down after looking through all the magazines.

1.) Probably one of the more important ones I wanted to integrate. A indication in the top corner, showing the ready exactly where they are and what the feature they have in front of them is roughly about. After an example I had seen I considered it to be a good idea to also have a little sub caption below this indication to specify even more. both sub caption and indication would both be present in the index, making navigating the pages even easier (e.g. CLOSEUP – travel).

2.) The page numbers should be around 20 pt – 30 pt.

3.) As the bullet points in the image explain, I wanted the magazine to be very focused on images. The readers of this magazine what to be motivated to travel or get ideas, see art and learn about new things. Therefore images are very important to the functionality of the magazine.

4.) I needed to keep in mind there needed to be a consistency to the magazine. A kind of layout and grid that did not change throughout the magazine to make it all look coherent. Therefore the main layout should stay the same e.g. text in two columns.

5.) Another detail I found works very well within magazines is the big capital letter at the beginning of a text. Therefore I decided to integrate this idea into my layout designs.

6.) Another to me important note was to not use too many fonts nor keep changing them throughout the magazine. Also I noticed that most magazined have a serif typeface for the body copy and a san serif one for sub captions, shorter pieces of text or explanations. I so thought that be another good thing to keep in mind whilst designing.