After some experimentation I have decided to call it simply Gardens & Art, since both words express the content quite well. Furthermore I added a little ‘catch phrase’ to the logo giving a further definition of the magazine: explore beautiful gardens and outdoor artwork. Simple and straightforward.

Furthermore I have set the grid I want to use in inDesign. Most important being the 6 columns and 6 rows I choose would be necessary whilst doing following layout ideas.

The grid in inDesign.

These are cover layout ideas that I have come up with for my new magazine, whilst also considering the ones I had done before I changed the brief entirely. After weighing out the pros and cons and experimenting in inDesign what would roughly work best, the decision fell on the ones marked by the red arrows.

Here the layout ideas for the index and news pages. I decided to have one page of the spread take up the the editors letter, as a sort of welcome to the magazine. The second page of the spread would then consist of the index. Whilst for the news page I choose to have many small short articles accompanied by an image each. Also I wanted to make it look a little less conventional and changed the images and texts sides, yet reflecting the layout onto the other page.  Again the ones I finally decided on are marked red.

Above are the layouts for the short feature of 3 pages. Again I did them all and then thought about the pros and cons, combining the ones that would be most efficient. Whilst this process I kept my notes in mind about a coherency and visual heavy content, meaning there should be a lot of images for the readers to look at to suck them into the topic.

Last but not least in this post are my considerations for the long 5 to 6 page spread. Since I new from the beginning I wanted it to have one huge image as a introduction across the first spread with minimal text, I decided that I would surley make the feature 6 pages long. Furthermore I tried to keep the ratio of images and text to my set aim.