I have finished the third and last cover design for the magazine and then moved on to replacing the lorem ipsum text of the two features. Furthermore I have have referenced the images and tweaked some small details.

 I picked the content I used for the spreads in order to show the main idea of the magazine; arts and gardens. Also the cover image nicely shows the connection between design/art and gardens/outdoors. Therefore I used this image of a fashion design using real flowers. It also appeals the the sort of wealthier audience I was trying to reach. For the features then one about a type of garden (in this case japanese gardens) which inspired own ideas and the wakes travel fever in the reader. The shorter feature then deals with the arts side of the magazine, by introducing an interesting british artist, which uses nature for her art.

All in all I am quite happy with the magazine design. I managed to explore the world of layouts, colors and other things that make a magazine what it is and have so gained more knowledge. Furthermore I feel like I have done the best possible with my current knowledge and skills and hope to develop even further.