During the past weeks i have experimented with the cover as well as the logo, which I had scanned in and redrawn on Photoshop.

After having done several images for the cover, yet aborting them half way I have decided to make the a stylised version of the logo my cover art. I began with playing around with the type, however have not reached a final piece yet to begin with the stylisation.


These are the cover design sketches I made and then experimented with. As a result I came to the conclusion that as I had suspected 2D imagery simply does not suit a game cover design in my opinion. At least not for my specific project.


First test sketch and digital painting.


Second sketch and digital painting for cover attempt.


Third attempt in form of a photo manipulation of hand drawn images from art book.

experimentationAfter deciding to use the logo as cover art, such as seen in some of the examples of game covers in my research, I began experimenting with the type of the logo.