The Knight Klaus is an old friend of our heroine Miya’s father. He belongs the Princess Daphne’s rebels. Although he is from the sky nation like Miya he was contracted by the princess to help her undercover as a mountain nation soldier. When Miya gets caught this proves helpful as he is able to flee with her.

This character is meant to be a fatherly figure. He is very calm and feels strongly for the main character and wants to protect her at all cost. His costume is simple, mostly metal armour and leather.

foto22foto23This our the first sketches of Klaus’s armour.

foto14Klaus’s facial features are those of a middle-aged, friendly man. Time has taken its toll on his face in form of scares and wrinkles. He has a beard and messy upright standing hair.

foto2Klaus’s final armour design. Simple metal protection, leather belts,boots and straps.