For the two mystical spirits that play the role of a greater good and evil coming from a different universe I have chosen to display them as dragons in the world of our characters. Using the ‘monster mood board’ I published early on in this project’s blog and other imagery of dragons which appealed to the ideas in my head I came up with the following two:

Ulthane ‘The Good Spirit’

Good_SketchThese creatures are ancient being from another universe. Ulthane is the ‘good’ of both (if we put things into good and evil categories for explanation sake). However in his attempt to defeat the evil spirit he used almost all his powers and is therefore very weak when out heroes find him. His appearance was meant to reflect this attributes. T

he form of a dragon worked perfectly as they are not only ancient but also considered mythical creatures. They are large and of great strength and according to most stories almost immortal. Therefore the dragons imagery works very well. Secondly to clearly distinguish him from his evil twin I used as the first main thing that he is white, as standing for the light. His wings are angelic-like made of feathers rather than skin and he has long hair growing along his neck. I portrayed him in a resting position and is weak when encountered within the storyline.

His name was inspired by a character from the game Darksiders. The name barer belongs to the ‘old ones’ meaning he is older than angels, demons and gods.

Asphixious – ‘The ancient evil’

Evil_SketchAsphixous is based on the same dragon imagery as Ulthane with the difference that he is even larger, stronger (more muscular) and has 4 eyes. Furthermore his teeth are far more prominent and his wings remind of the traditional dragon imagery: very boney and with holes in the fine skin of the wings. Rather than many fine scales he has big plates protecting him similar to the exoskeleton of an insect. His stance portrays how powerful he is and the strength this evil creature has.

As for his name it is taken from a monster from the game Warmachine. This character also called ‘The Hellbringer’ , therefore the choice of name.