This is the final printed and bound book. The cover of the book features the main heroine Miya and the title of the game (the same typeface as for the logo developed for contemporary graphic design). The image wraps around the whole book and is printed onto white book cloth. foto11Front Cover.

When initially opening the book either side the endpapers are revealed which show the world map. The map is placed as end papers to make it east for the reader to find it when reading the storyline and needing to check a location. There is also a inbound book mark as the book contains a story with chapters which one might want to mark.

 foto10End Paper with World Map.

The first page is an almost transparent piece of paper with the name of the author, art book and a dedication. Through it is the emblem most of the characters have within their clothing. It is the symbol of the worlds religion, which is based on the prophecy of a white dragon and a hero. As the dragon in the legend is said to be lying in the middle of the lake on the forest nation the emblem has the shape of the lake.

foto9Transparent first page with emblem page beneath.

Following are two examples of what the inside of the book looks like. The spreads differ from simple text, text combined with imagery and alone standing images.


First spread for Marek of the Sand.


Final Chapter’s first spread.

foto7Back of the book.