For this contemporary graphic design project I chose to develop the logo and the playstation3 cover sleeve for my in major practical project developed game concept.

As mentioned in previous posts on this blog during my research I came across two main types of cover designs: one was very visual imagery heavy with only a small logo, whilst the second one had a stronger focus on a stylised logo as the centre piece of the cover and hardly any real imagery. Therefore when developing my sketches I thought up designs for both versions. However I encountered one problem, which I had already suspected during my research. Most of the imagery on the covers where 3D painted images. As i do not have the skills nor resources to model a 3D character and retouch it I decided to experiment to see how 2D digital paintings could work. After drawing several images, scanning them in and beginning the digital paintings I had to realise that it was not going to work for my project. They did not look professional enough and the cover would not look realistically enough to be a real possibly existing game.

Therefore I turned to the logo I was also developing at this stage and decided to incorporate imagery into it. The initial one I had chosen to develop further had the potential to add imagery in it and therefore I went along with that. This worked very well and the result was very pleasing to me. Having now the basic logo I went on to stylise it by adding colour and textures relevant to the context of the game (in this case as the two dragons are coming from a different universe it was stars/ space). This then functioned very well as the cover of the ps3 sleeve.

When developing the whole project I learned much about the layouts of game packaging and how important a eye catching cover is. Furthermore it was a challenge for my typography skills, as I had to think about how the type functions within the whole sleeve and logo.

As future goals I see myself developing my skills even further and combining them with the marketing knowledge I will gain in my Master. Ideally I would see myself getting into the gaming industries marketing side, making use of all my knowledge and skills I have gained through my passion for games, but also my MPP and this project. Potentially I would also see these two projects in combination working as a pitch for a smaller game company, which might have the interest in developing it even further.

All in all I think this project is very successful in its outcome as well as what it has done for me personally in terms of new skills and further knowledge.