Following is the SWOT analysis for the completed contemporary graphic design project.


  • I produce strong visuals (illustrations) which enhance the look of the overall product.
  • My communication skills are very strong and therefore enable me to successfully communicate the product and what it is about.
  • My passion for video games enable me to understand quickly what is important, also because I can view the product from a consumer point of view, not just designer (e.g. would I buy this game? would it catch my eye?).
  • It is not an out of context produced small piece of work, but in context with my MPP.


  • As a personal weakness typography plays a more minor role and could use more improvement and detail.
  • Due to my inability to produce 3D imagery the video game packaging’s back side is not as catching. This is however not only due to the 2D imagery but also to the fact that it is but now only a concept and therefore game play screenshots do not exist.


  • The knowledge gained from this project about game design will further my chances of eventually working in this field.
  • Through the research for this project I also learned about the marketing of such products, which again is useful knowledge for my further carrier.


  • There is a large amount of competition when looking into selling/ producing  a video game.
  • The concept needs to be strong in order to stand out amongst many others.